ARCH and the Mental Health Reform (MHR) recently co-hosted a ‘Think-in’ in UCD on the theme of e-mental health.

Mental Health Reform is Ireland’s leading national coalition of organisations campaigning to transform mental health and well-being supports in Ireland.

The aim of the ‘Think-In’ was to bring key stakeholders together working in this area to consider gaps in the current mental health system and the potential for e-mental health to contribute to addressing such gaps.

Attendees were asked to articulate the 2-5 core concerns their organisation was facing (relating to mental health), which were then discussed within the group. Five key themes emerged as a result of this process and included ‘stigma’, ‘access’, ‘service user control’, ‘structural/strategy’, and ‘technology-related factors’. Breakout groups were then assigned some of these themes and were tasked with addressing why each issue is a problem, what is currently being done, and what can be done, to address each issue, and finally what research could be undertaken to tackle each problem.

Kate Mitchell, Policy and Research Officer, Mental Health Reform; Dr. Shari McDaid, Director of Mental Health Reform; and Dr Daniel Regan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at ARCH.

Dr Daniel Regan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at ARCH, and Etain Quigley, Research Assistant at ARCH, worked with attendees to identify and progress possible research projects and solutions based on the issues identified and subsequent discussions.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with key stakeholders and the Mental Health Reform to reach a consensus around the challenges that currently exist in the mental health system in Ireland, and to identify possible projects that could be pursued to address these issues. We look forward to having the opportunity to collaborate with these stakeholders in the next steps of this process and progress towards translating these research ideas into tangible projects.” 


We will continue to work closely with the MHR and the key stakeholders to bring mental health forward on research and policy agendas with the aim of improving care and empowering service users

“Mental Health Reform was delighted to work with ARCH on hosting a recent think-in on e-mental health. The think-in provided a great opportunity for key stakeholders to identify possible ways in which e-mental health could contribute to addressing some of the gaps in mental health service delivery and improve the mental health outcomes of both adults and children in Ireland. We are excited to continue to work with ARCH to develop possible research projects with the aim of identifying e-mental health opportunities in Ireland.  The experience and knowledge that ARCH has in e-health, health solutions and research will contribute greatly to this process”.

 Kate Mitchell, Policy and Research Officer, Mental Health Reform