ARCH facilitate ideation workshop with Healthlink to explore the messaging needs of an integrated care system.

Last month ARCH Research Lead Dr Maria Quinlan facilitated an ideation workshop with the national Healthlink Project team. Healthlink is the first operating group to join eHealth Ireland, with a view to developing its services to meet the future messaging needs of an integrated health system. The Healthlink team are thus in a period of growth and change, as their role develops as a central spoke in the eHealth Ireland strategy.


As Healthlink’s remit begins to expand, this ideation session aimed to give the Healthlink team an opportunity to openly discuss and explore what the ideal expanded role of Healthlink would look like; and how the process of change could best be managed. The potential barriers and enablers to expansion were explored; along with a discussion of how the teams’ ideal vision for Healthlink’s future could best be implemented.

“Our research has shown that healthcare professionals in Ireland want to have better communication both between and within the primary and acute care systems. ARCH were delighted to have the opportunity to explore how the role of communication and messaging can facilitate the move to a more connected, integrated, eHealth-enabled healthcare system. Healthlink provide an integral service with a small team of highly-motivated staff. It is great to get the opportunity to tap into the depth of knowledge which the Healthlink team possess, and to understand their ideas and vision for how Healthlink can enable healthcare providers to deliver a truly connected, patient-centred system.”

Dr Maria Quinlan, Research Lead for ARCH’s Change work package.