ARCH researchers Dr Nicole Gross, Dr Niall Connolly and Dr Maria Quinlan held a workshop for industry partners which explored the concept of business model innovation within the connected healthcare space.

ARCH Business Model Workshop_bARCH business Model Workshop

Over the past two years ARCH has conducted a body of research which sought to understand the area of business model innovation within the Connected Healthcare space. We mapped out a selection of current Connected Health business model typologies, and in parallel conducted an analysis of certain key Connected Healthcare markets, including the US and the UK.

In this interactive workshop, we aimed to create a space where industry partners and researchers could learn from each other. We shared our insights into business model innovation within the Connected Healthcare space, while also identifying which strategies are required in order to enter and sustainably grow in different market contexts. This workshop provided companies within the Connected Healthcare market with an opportunity to assess their own business model design, and to explore some key considerations which need to be addressed in different market contexts.