Congratulations to Dr Daniel Regan, Patrick Slevin and  Prof Gerardine Doyle for being awarded the runner up of the best paper competition at the 32nd Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI) conference, which was recently held in Dublin on October 4th to 7th. In receiving the award, the paper was judged by the scientific committee of the conference and evaluated under the areas of “Innovation”, “Impact on local country or internationally”, “Strength of methods” and “Valid data/evidence to support the conclusions”.

The paper, entitled ‘A novel method for costing chronic illness: The case of Dementia‘ was very well received at the conference, and the findings highlighted the first in-depth patient-level mapping and costing of dementia care, in Ireland or internationally. In Ireland there are approximately 41,470 persons with dementia (PwD). Due to the progressive nature of the illness of dementia, its costs are significant.


A novel approach, combining methods from accountancy and social sciences, was chosen for the identification and costing of a dementia care pathway. The costing approach chosen was TDABC, and due to the complex nature of dementia, the specific methodology chosen to facilitate accurate and valid costing, was vignette based surveying.

The findings from this study, which were presented in this paper, are an important first step in the provision of detailed and valid information, not only in terms of integrated care provision, but with regard to the cost of this care.