By Dr. Anushree Priyadarshini, Change Team, ARCHopen_innovation

Within ARCH, while we work on innovative and applied research to support the deployment, adoption and sustainability of Connected Health solutions; we also explore the concept of connected health in the light of other research streams.

One such attempt has been to identify synergies between connected health and the concept of open innovation which is fast emerging as a key determinant of competitive advantage of firms. In exploring the idea, the poster below (or download here – Open Innovation Connected Health Poster) details the concept of open innovation and how it forms the premise of connected health in the health care value chain.

Open Innovation Connected Health

As the new innovation management paradigm involves efficient management of knowledge flows and complex networks for successful innovations, it fits well with the diverse features of the Connected Health area. Indeed, the range of complex stakeholders, technologies, objectives and disciplines involved in Connected Health tend to exponentially increase its heterogeneity and call for the establishment and management of networks, same as is required in an open innovation scenario.

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