9am-12pm    October 15th, 2015    NovaUCD, Belfield Innovation Park, Belfield, Dublin 4 












When: 9am -12pm, Thursday 15th October 2015
Where: NovaUCD, Belfield Innovation Park, Belfield, Dublin 4
Delivery Format: 3 hour interactive workshop
Facilitators: Dr Maria Quinlan, Dr Nicole Gross, Dr Niall Connolly

Note: This event is Free for ARCH Industry Members only. There is a fee of €99 (inclusive of lunch and refreshments) for non-members.


During the past two years ARCH has conducted a body of research which sought to understand the area of business model innovation within the Connected Healthcare space. We mapped out a selection of current Connected Health business model typologies, and in parallel conducted an analysis of certain key Connected Healthcare markets, including the US and the UK.

In this interactive workshop, we aim create a space where we can learn from each other. We will share our insights into business model innovation within the Connected Healthcare space, while also identifying which strategies are required in order to enter and sustainably grow in different market contexts. This workshop will be an opportunity for companies within the Connected Healthcare space to assess their own business model design, to share their insights, and to explore some key considerations which need to be addressed in different market contexts.

Business Models

All organisations have a business model but many struggle to articulate it. In the last 15 years we have seen new business models emerge and others die.  What makes business models successful hasn’t changed – it needs to focus on real customer needs with a scalable and profitable approach. What has changed is that business models expire faster than ever before. Successful companies have the ability to diversify and create business model portfolios. 

Many technology organisations, including Connected Health firms, are focusing on product or technology innovation when often the competitive advantage rests on the business model and a deep understanding of the market. Business model innovation (BMI) is nothing new. Creating disruptive new business models is what start-ups do. However, in most large SME’s and corporations, business models are at a lower pecking order to new technology products and services. 

This  Workshop Aims to Deliver the following:

  • Give exemplary Connected Health business models and highlight modularity options
  • Through interactive discussion help management to clarify their own company’s business model
  • Show how business model innovation should be approached, where the gaps are and how challenges and barriers can be dealt with
  • Offer a learning space for Connected Health companies to explore their business models and share their experiences of how their business models have evolved, and how they need to be adapted for different markets.

Who Should Attend?

This Workshop is designed industry management teams, executives and CEOs.

How do I sign up?

ARCH Industry Members can sign up for this workshop for free here.

If your company is not a member of ARCH, the cost of attending this event is €99 per person (includes lunch and refreshments). Non-members should contact amay@arch.ie to register and payment details will be sent to you directly.