7:30am – 8:45am    January 28th, 2016    Seminar Room, ARCH, NexusUCD, Block 9/10, Belfield Office Park, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4 

Cost analysis of diabetes strategies in the EU

Dr Gerardine Doyle (PI), Dr Shane O’Donnell, Etáin Quigley, Dr Kate Cullen, Dr Sarah Gibney

This study is part of an EU FP7 funded research project entitled ‘Enhancing the cost-effectiveness of diabetes self-management education: A comparative assessment for different educational approaches and conditions for successful implementation’ (Grant No. 306186)

The UCD team sought to answer research questions about the cost of care of type 2 diabetes in addition to the cost of self-management education. The costing methodology employed, Time-Driven Activity Based Costing, required an in-depth mapping of the process of care of patients with type 2 diabetes. This methodology, through in-depth interviews with health care professionals, analysis of the care pathways and analysis of the cost of care, revealed the existing treatment of type 2 diabetes to be fragmented among many disconnected providers and settings, leading to suboptimal monitoring and education of diabetic patients. This suboptimal process of care leads to health services incurring significant health expenditure on the treatment of major complications of the disease including blindness, foot disease, amputations, kidney disease and heart disease.

We present our findings on the comparative costs of self-management education and modes of delivery across Europe, Israel and Taiwan and our findings on the comparative treatment processes and cost of treatment across Ireland, Germany and Israel. We conclude that there are opportunities for connected health solutions to optimize both patient monitoring and education to achieve better health outcomes per Euro spent.

There will also be an update from the ARCH Centre Director, Michael O’Shea, which will bring participants up to date on the ARCH research programme. Some items of interest from funding opportunities to collaborative projects will also be presented. The session will wrap up with 15 minutes for Q&A and networking.

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