11.15am -12.45pm    May 27th, 2016    Blessington Suite, Level 2, Citywest Conference & Event Centre 

The Future Health Summit will be taking place from 26-27th May in the Citywest Conference & Event Centre.

As well as exhibiting at the event, ARCH will be hosting an interactive joint workshop in conjunction with the Diabetes Federation of Ireland on Friday 27th from 10:30am-12:30pm. Full agenda below:

Living with Diabetes – Personal Empowerment, Information, Choice and Ownership

The purpose of the symposia is to raise awareness of living with diabetes as opposed to the medical condition diabetes and empower people to make appropriate health choices to protect their health.

Diabetes Ireland and ARCH will host a joint workshop on the morning of Friday 27th May for approx 50 people.



Living Well with Diabetes, A Personal Experience  – 10 Keys Tips
Kate Gajewska, HRB PhD Scholar in Population Health & Health Service Research – SPHeRE Programme and health psychologist.

Making Best Use of Your Professional Diabetes Review”
Dr Anna Clarke, Health Promotion and Research Manager, Diabetes Ireland.

Patient-empowerment as a driver of a digital healthcare – realistic or not?
Hosted by Applied Research for Connected Health www.arch.ie Dr Maria Quinlan, Research Lead, & Dr Shane O’Donnell, Research Lead, Care Theme within ARCH


Ms. Kate Gajewska, HRB PhD will impart her 10 best tips for living well with diabetes. Kate is a health psychologist and lives with Type 1 diabetes and is a scholar in Population Health & Health Service Research – SPHeRE Programme

Dr Anna Clarke  will help individuals to better prepare for their hospital appointments, given the increased time pressures within hospitals. This will maximise the benefit of diabetes reviews for the person with diabetes.

Dr Maria Quinlan, & Dr Shane O’Donnell  will explain how technology is often seen within a discourse of liberation of the patient; titles such as ‘The Patient will See you Now’ (Topol 2015) or ‘My Health – Upgraded’ (Mesko 2015) point toward an utopian state where health technology will have completely democratised not just the relationship between patient and healthcare provider but also the access to healthcare across gender, race and classes.  The empowerment presentation will convert into a workshop so that all people can give their views. Issues emerge when we start to take a critical look at what ‘empowering’ the patient, or wider ‘health consumer’ exactly means. ‘Empowering’ connotes control, responsibility and ownership – but how much of these can a patient be realistically expected to have, want or indeed be able to take? ARCH will explore these issues in an interactive workshop session.


Anyone living with diabetes to get

  • Assistance in preparing for medical reviews and best utilisation of the time with professionals
  • Better understanding of the constraints of the medical model for managing diabetes
  • More knowledge on diabetes
  • Be more empowered and recognise best quality care

Understand the role of technology in empowerment and give a voice on future research in that area

Clinicians and companies with an interest in how technology can be leveraged to promote greater patient empowerment and patient-centred healthcare.

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