8:45am to 12pm    November 29th, 2016    Moore Auditorium, UCD O'Brien Centre for Science 

The Cognitive Internet of Things (IoT) is an intelligent system that learns at scale, reasons with purpose, and analyses in real time. It predicts, prescribes, and discovers using interconnected physical, social, and enterprise data. The advice provided, assistance given, and actions recommended, will augment human intelligence through human-machine collaborations.

This era of computing will fundamentally alter how we think about, plan for, implement and engage with information technology systems. Multiple industries will experience profound disruption as these systems come on-line, and some organisations are already identifying and preparing to take advantage of opportunities that align with cognitive computing’s emerging capabilities.

We are already seeing the impact in the areas of healthcare, transport, energy, finance and the environment.

At this event you will have an opportunity to engage with cognitive pioneers from business and academia who will showcase and explore disruptive ideas at the boundaries of Cognitive IoT.

By attending you will understand how your organisation can prepare to take advantage of this cognitive capability.

If you are interested in attending or would like more information about the event please click here.