One of the many benefits of being an industry member with ARCH, is getting access to our database of connected health research reports. If you are a member, you can logon at the secure link below, and access the following reports now:

  1. Pharma as a Customer – Clinical Trial Patient Retention
  2. Investigation of the Potential for Connected Health Technologies amongst Public Health Nurses
  3. An Overview of the Regulatory Environment for Connected Health
  4. A Connected Health Evaluation Framework
  5. Current Pharmacy Care Pathway Modelling Techniques and Service Barriers
  6. Hospital & Community Pharmacy Practice and Management Report
  7. Exploratory Study of the GP, Pharmacist, and Patient Community Triad
  8. Exploiting Existing Innovation Across ARCH Industry Members
  9. Framework for Evaluating Human Performance Technologies – A Decision Making Tool
  10. Field Study: Report on Current Pharmacy Practice and Service Barriers
  11. E-Pharmacy: A Proposed ARCH Research Strategy
  12. Implementation of the National eReferral Project within the Irish Health Service Executive:
    Report on Preliminary Findings
  13. Implementing Change within Healthcare – key learnings from the movement towards integrated care in the United States
  14. Systematic Review on the Barriers and Facilitators to Acceptance of Connected Health
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