The European Commission has recently initiated the development of guidelines for assessing data validity and reliability of mHealth apps. Public authorities from EU Member States, civil society organisations representing patients and professionals, research institutions and industry representatives with expertise in developing health apps are working together in a working group to draft the guidelines by the end of 2016. UCD was recently selected to become a member of this EU working group and our colleague Brenda Reginatto (Research Lead, Care Team, ARCH) was appointed as its representative.

mhealthThe aim of the guidelines is to agree on a common set of criteria and assessment methodologies which could be used by public authorities, health care providers, professional and patient associations, developers and assessment bodies when assessing health apps.

The first draft of the guidelines on assessment of mobile health apps is now available for open consultation, and is available for review. This is the very first attempt to put the guidelines together and feedback at this stage is crucial to ensure the group are on the right track with the document.

This open stakeholder consultation can be completed via an online survey which will be available until Monday 16th May.