What is the HealthTech Pre-Accelerator Programme?

The HealthTech pre-accelerator is a partnership initiative between NDRC and e-Health Ireland, with the aim of surfacing digital health the potential to disrupt and solve global healthcare challenges.

HealthTech is looking for health tech startups with a vision to create a new healthcare future. Health is being revolutionised from the outside in, and the potential for disruptive innovation in health and wellness has never been as great. Converging technologies, cost of entry and regulatory and market drivers are all serving to accelerate the pace of change amongst health organisations enabling the patients of tomorrow to become the CEO’s of their own health.

They are interested in a broad range of digital innovations that put the patient at the centre of the proposition. They have particular interest in working with teams to apply transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, wearable technology and digital therapeutics to existing health challenges.


Chronic Diseases: Chronic diseases represent an increasing proportion of healthcare spend and affect millions of people worldwide. Create solutions that let patients better manage their diseases in the home and to get access to services and supports when they need them.

Wellness: Prevention is better than cure! Support people in understanding and managing the drivers of long-term health. Ideas around the three pillars of wellness: diet, exercise and sleep, are of particular interest.

Delivery Disruption: Help the HSE disrupt itself- how can we leverage technology to create a better and more efficient healthcare service?

What are the benefits in participating?

  • A tailored programme delivered by healthcare innovation experts, seasoned innovators and heath academic health science specialists
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer learning through shared experience
  • Access to advice to secure next-stage funding and support
  • Opportunity to inform national policy and practice
  • Guidance from experienced mentors
  • New product validation and piloting


The closing date for applications for this programme is 12th August 2016. Successful Idea Owners will be notified by 19th August. A detailed programme schedule is available here.

The finalists will go through to a mentorship programme that is over 3 weekends.