We focus on the adoption, deployment and sustainability of Connected Health solutions.

Collaborative research projects benefit from the market knowledge and technical resources of our Industry Member companies along with the multi-disciplinary research expertise and technology capabilities of the ARCH team. We address three inter-related research themes to deliver on our programme of research.

CARE Theme

How care is delivered today and how might it be improved by Connected Health technologies?


How can the barriers to the use of Connected Health technologies be overcome and maximum impact achieved?

DATA Theme

How will software, technology, data and processes be amalgamated and evaluated for use by differing stakeholders?
As well as the above research themes ARCH includes cross cutting research areas of sustainability, healthcare economics and business modelling. ARCH aims to investigate the above themes by bringing clinical, policy, informatics, analytics, and business experts together to work closely with industry partners on a programme of interrelated research activities. The ARCH programme of research will implement a flexible and re-usable model and enabling test-bed infrastructure.

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