Active Projects

Start Date: November 2016 | End Date: September 2017

Project Lead: Brenda Reginatto, Research Lead, Care Team, ARCH

Collaborators: ICON, Kinesis Health Technologies, Big Cloud Analytics, Inc.

Project Description
Clinical trials traditionally take place in a hospital setting, which often restricts participation from patients with limited mobility and independence due to problematic logistics and limited travel ability. An alternative approach is to move the clinical trial beyond the confines of the hospital. Enabling this ‘place-shifting’ may result in wider participation and engagement in clinical trials.

Key Objectives
The aim of this exploratory study is to assess the feasibility of collecting clinical outcomes remotely in a care home setting (Mount Hybla Private, in Castleknock, Dublin), using a selection of mobile and wearable solutions provided by the collaborating companies, and understand how this might direct the approach used if trials are place-shifted to residential care settings.

The QTUG™ device provided by Kinesis Health Technologies, will assess aspects of mobility, balance and fall risk of participants. The Aging Research App developed by ICON with mProve Health (based in Arlington, Virginia) using Apple Research Kit, will be used to deliver an electronic version of the Age-Related Muscle Loss Questionnaire. The Covalence™ analytics platform from Big Cloud Analytics (headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia) will allow visualisation and engagement messaging for trial participants and clinicians for overall health and wellness monitoring and improvement.

Primary objectives:
To assess the operational feasibility (i.e. logistics and impact on staff and patients) and technical feasibility (i.e. data capture and data transfer) of collecting clinical outcomes data remotely using the above mentioned mobile and wearable technologies in a care home setting.

Secondary objectives:
1. To identify the different elements of burden that a remote trial places on care home staff and patients during the trial journey.
2. To assess the perceived value of using mobile and wearable solutions to collect data to patients and care home staff.
3. To investigate QTUG (Kinesis Health Technologies, Ireland) use as part of a clinical trial in a residential care setting.
4. To obtain user-experience data from ICON’s Aging Research App.
5. Evaluate and select a suitable activity tracker for the purpose of this study using ARCH Device Evaluation Framework.
6. To obtain insights into the typical patient populations encountered in a care home setting.

Potential Impact for Industry
The findings from this connected health study could enhance the design of future clinical trials to make them more patient-centric, more engaging and more convenient for those who participate in them.

For more information
Please contact the Project Lead, Brenda Reginatto on 01 716 5403 or email

Start Date: July 2015 | End Date: December 2016

Project Lead: Dr Maria Quinlan, Research Lead, Change Team, ARCH

Collaborators: Richard Corbridge, Chief Information Officer, HSE

Project Description
The Irish eHealth strategy was published in June 2013, and the roll-out of that strategy is underway. ARCH will partner with the HSE as they roll-out their eHealth strategy. The goals of this project are to understand how a CH-implementation happens ‘in the wild’ and to explore issues of clinical engagement; sustainable adoption of new CH solutions and processes; enablers and barriers to organisational change and innovation.

Key Objectives
ARCH will provide insight from our knowledge of best-practice implementation of CH projects; and will draw on human-centered organisational change techniques to:

  • Understand and explore how best to motivate key stakeholders (including HCPs) to adopt and implement connected health solutions
  • Identify the cultural and structural changes required to ‘normalise’ eHealth into the Irish healthcare system
  • Identify best-practice model for connected health-implementation at scale

Potential Impact for Industry
It is envisaged that the outputs of this platform project will have broad spectrum of relevance to ARCH industry members in the long term.

Gaining access to assess and understand the implementation journey of the Irish eHealth strategy provides ARCH with a great opportunity to really get under the skin of the challenges and enablers of the implementation process. The findings will contribute to our understanding of how best to approach the introduction of connected health technologies in Irish Healthcare to ensure their successful adoption.

Initial Project Deliverables

Core-2015-CH1-D3 How innovation-ready are healthcare organisations in Ireland for eHealth – views from the HSEs CCIOs – Click here for an Executive Summary of this report.

For more information
Please contact the Project Lead, Dr Maria Quinlan on 01 716 5405 or email

Complete Projects

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Brief Description: This is a study on patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials (CTs). The context of the study is preparation for potential technology enabled CTs which when they reach their potential will provide, due to higher quality information, an improved understanding of the drug/therapy efficacy while also reducing the significant cost of trials.

A greater understanding of the issues relating to patient recruitment and retention in CTs will inform the design of future technology enabled CT services.

Executive Summary to follow.