ARCH has conducted analyses of several international markets for CH with the aim of identifying opportunities for CH companies. This includes a review of the countries HC financing system and how reimbursement models for CH are developing; key drivers of CH and key market entry challenges. ARCH has also worked with our member companies to map out business model typologies prevalent within the CH-space. Combining these external (market) and internal (company business model) audit capabilities, we work with CH companies to identifying/devise market entry strategies specific to their strategic vision.

Topic 1: Market analysis – review of market opportunities for CH companies. ARCH has conducted detailed analysis of the HC financing structures, CH revenue models, competitive landscapes and key drivers of CH within the following markets: The US; the UK; and Germany.

Topic 2: Working with ARCH member companies we conducted detailed audits of their business models – with a focus on their customer value proposition, resources and competencies, and economic logic. From these audits we developed a series of business model typologies and have assessed how each type of company would best approach entering the US and UK markets.


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Dr. Anushree Priyadarshini (ARCH) and Dr. Maria Quinlan (ARCH)

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By Dr. Nicole Gross, Change Team, ARCH

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